The character of ‘tea' consists of letters of human, tree, and leaves. It represents harmony of people with nature, and harmony of people through tea. Living is full of encounters. Throughout our encounters, there is tea. And tea is a natural part of our lives. 

Myung Won recognized the need to restore the traditional values and culture, and established the Myung Won Tea Ceremony Association in 1960. Myung Won researched and restored the traditional Korea tea ceremonies. These ceremonies are known as Royal Court tea ceremony, Temple tea ceremony, Everyday tea ceremony, and Guest greeting tea ceremony. These tea ceremonies were presented for the first time in Korea, by Myung Won. She also led the effort to restore the Iljiam temple, the home of Korean tea saint, Cho’ui. 

The Myung Won Cultural Foundation carries on the wishes of Myung Won to educate, develop and expand Korean traditional tea culture and  virtues of Korean tea. The foundation promotes Korean tea and tea culture around the world with K-Tea Festival and World Tea Expo as well as various international tea culture and education exchange programs.

Tea ceremony helps clarify one's thoughts, enhances health of mind and body, builds discipline and shows consideration and respect for one another. We become more appreciative of others and that will help to develop a better society. Through enhanced understanding of tea, we can build a better society and the world. 

Through tea, let’s share our appreciation of surrounding nature, culture and the people. And let’s all lead by example. Thank you.  

The Myung Won Cultural Foundation 


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