Myung Won Kim Eui Jung

The Second Generation Myung Won Kim Eui Jung strives to expand Korean tea culture 

Following the foot steps of Myung Won, the second generation Myung Won Kim Eui Jung, in her early days, experienced various cultures of the world and from these experiences developed her own perspectives and approach to the culture. She recognized the importance of Korean tradition tea culture for the representation of cultural heritage and humanism. She strives to carry on from what honorable Myung Won has left. Her efforts have been focused on re-emphasizing the unique Korean traditional cultural assets and bring focus on these assets for the world to recognize and treasure.  

Even making her own private contributions for this important cultural endeavor of national importance, she established Myung Won Cultural Foundation and Korean Tea Ceremony Federation. She hosted and sponsored various national and international tea culture events, bring focus on tea culture and tea ceremonies to foreign dignitaries, and recognize those with important tea cultural contribution with the foundations’ annual grand culture awards. 

Published the ten book set of Myung Won Tea Ceremonies and re-interpreted Dong-da-song (In Praise of Korean Tea), the most widely recognized Korean tea classic. She continued to represent the beacon of modern day of Korean tea culture development movement.  

The Myung Won Cultural Foundation 


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