Everyday Tea Ceremony is a simple and proper tea ceremony for all occasion.

01. Prepare teaware 

After greeting the guests, bow and announce the start of the tea ceremony. 

Begins the tea ceremony. 

02. Warm teaware

Warm teaware with prepared hot water from water kettle.

03. Steep tea

Pour tea to tea kettle. Pour about two spoonful of tea for 2 to 3 guests. 

Pour hot water to steep tea.

The temperature of water can vary depending on the types of tea r from 60 degree to 90 degree Celsius.

04. Pour tea

Once tea is ready, pour tea to tea cups. 

Pour 1/3 of tea to each cup starting from the top so that so that all cups have equal strengths of tea. 

05. Appreciate and drink tea 

Appreciate color and aroma of tea, and drink tea slowly. Appreciation tea's character. 

When dessert is prepared, finish the first cup of tea before tasting it. Otherwise, one can not fully 

appreciate the true taste of green tea.

06. Clean and return teaware 

After all guests have left, clean and return teaware to proper place.

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