Education CentersCertificatesDuration

Myung Won Tea

Ceremony and Culture Center

Tea Ceremony Achievement15 Weeks
Tea Ceremony Teacher
15 Weeks

Myung Won Tea

Ceremony Graduate School

Tea Ceremony Master –  Da-In
1 Year
Tea Ceremony Master – Myung-In
1 Year

Curriculum Descriptions

Tea Ceremony Achievement


        The foundation course on Korean tea ceremony. Practice tea ceremony of leaf tea and traditional etiquette.
   Tea Ceremony Teaching Certificate


         Study tea ceremonies (leaf tea, powdered tea) and Korean tea culture for the purpose of teaching tea ceremony.

Tea Ceremony Master – Da-In

(Graduate School Program)

        Study and practice the comprehensive tea ceremony procedures and historical and cultural topics 
        from distinguished historians, scholars, and tea masters.

Tea Ceremony Master

 – Myung-In

(Graduate School Program)

       Study and practice the most advanced tea ceremony procedures and related historical and cultural topics from
       distinguished  historians, scholars, industry leaders, and tea masters. Conduct research for thesis publication.
Cultural Experience Program
     Experience Korean tea culture with hands-on tea ceremony practice. Appreciate beauty of tea ceremony 
     and enjoy Korean tea foods.

The Myung Won Cultural Foundation 


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