Green Life with Tea (Korean and English)

The “Green Life with Tea,” written in Korean and English, is an insightful and colorful Korean tea-culture book. It is also a very comprehensive book on Korean tea culture. The culture, history, art and living with tea are thoughtfully described and illustrated with more than 100 photos of Korean tea scenes. The book also includes references and comparisons to Chinese and Japanese tea scenes, and modern Korean tea scenes. The contents include: “The Tea Culture of Korea, The Color of Tea, A Green Life, The Aroma of Tea, The Cultural Comparison of Korea, Chinese and Japanese Teas, The Tea Culture in China, The Tea Culture in Japan and The Taste of Tea. The author is Dr. Kim Eui Jung, the Chairwoman of Myung Won Cultural Foundation and proprietor of Intangible Cultural Asset Number 27, Royal Court Tea Ceremony. The English translation was completed by Mr. Yoo Yang-Seok (Fred), the advisor to the Myung Won Cultural Foundation, and the author of “The Book of Korean Tea.”

ISBN 89-7041-942-X

 Book Dimensions: 220 mmX265 mmx25mm, 199 pages

 Price: 19,000 Korean Won

The Book of Korean Tea (English)

This book "The Book of Korean Tea – A Guide to the History, Culture and Philosophy of Korean Tea and The Tea Ceremony" is a pioneering cultural and historical guide about Korea, Korean tea and Korean tea ceremonies. The history, culture, philosophy, tea and tea ceremony are marvelously woven together to capture the true spirit of the Korean tea culture. The  details the origin and development of the Korean tea culture by referencing extensive historical archives and documents, along with featuring more than eighty pictures and photos of Korean art works and tea utensils, which visually and authentically capture and represent the beauty, sophistication and spirit of Korea’s tea culture and history. The complete texts of the Korean tea classics,  and  are interpreted in English. The author is Mr. Yoo, Yang-Seok (Fred).

ISBN 978.89.955021.2.9

Book Dimensions: 200 mmX275 mmX20mm, 188pages

Price: 20,000 Korean Won (US$25)  

The Myung Won Tea Cermony 

The “The Myung Won Tea Ceremony” is the first comprehensive book about the traditional Korean tea ceremonies. The traditional Korean tea ceremonies are categorized and illustrated with extensive step-by-step procedures. The traditional tea ceremonies include the traditional guest-greeting tea ceremony, everyday-tea ceremony for leaf tea, everyday tea ceremony for powdered tea, Seon Buddhist tea ceremony, Scholar’s tea ceremony, and the powdered tea ceremony of traditional octagonal container. The book includes cultural history, types of tea, traditional etiquette, and serves as a reference book and a text book who studies and practices the advanced Korean tea ceremonies. The author is Dr. Kim Eui Jung. The book is in Korean. 

ISBN 89-955021-0-X

Book Dimensions: 220mmX 255 mm X 16 mm, 171 pages

Price: 55,000 Korean Won

The Myung Won Tea Cermony 

The “Myung Won Tea Ceremony” details the procedures of the Myung Won “Everyday Tea Ceremony” which is widely accepted as the authentic adaptation of the traditional tea ceremony of Korea. The tradition and the spirit of the traditional Korean tea ceremonies are captured and adapted for modern tea utensils. The book is intended as a text book and a reference book for those who study and practice Korean tea ceremonies. The book includes Korean tea culture, tea history, introduction to tea, etiquette, and famous Korean tea persons (茶人). The book includes 70 images of step-by-step procedures of the “Everyday Tea Ceremony.” The author is Dr. Kim Eui Jung. The English translation was completed by Mr. Yoo Yang-Seok (Fred). The book is in Korea with English interpretations included. 

ISBN 89-955021-1-8

 Book Dimensions: 210 mmX246 mmX10mm, 127 pages

 Price: 10,000 Korean Won 

Myung Won Tea Series - Myung Won Tea Series

Myung Won Tea Series - Myung Won Tea Series (author: Eui-Jung Kim, 9 volumes) is an expert collection on Korean tea culture. The volume includes Korean tea culture, tea history, Korean tea saint Cho’ui, Tea and Zen, Tea Poem, Buddhism and Confucianism influence, Korean tea masters and traditional tea ceremony. It is an easy to follow series recommeded for those who starting out to learn about tea [Vol. 1-3, Myung Won Tea; 4: Korean tea saint; 5: Tea and Zen; 6-7: Tea ceremony’ 8: Tea as a Drink]. 8 volumes published.

The Myung Won Cultural Foundation 


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