Joseon Dynasty (Royal Court Tea Ceremony) 

Tea ceremonies continued as important functions in the Royal Court of Joseon dynasty. 

The Joseon Dynasty categorized all royal court rituals including tea ceremonies into five categories of royal court rituals. The five categories were: auspicious rites (吉禮), ceremonial rites (嘉禮), greeting rites (賓禮), military rites (軍禮) and funeral rites (凶禮). The court rituals emphasized the Confucian propriety. 

Tea ceremonies were conducted for the greeting rites and ceremonial rites. The Chronology of Joseon Dynasty made close to 700 references of tea ceremonies of greeting rites during the Joseon Dynasty. The tea ceremonies are quite elaborate, often accompanied music and represent the grandness of Royal Court and the finest form of Joseon dynasty culture.


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